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Hair rebonding treatment for as low as 37$


How much money you spent for hair rebonding? I won’t be surprised if it turns out really costly because hair rebonding costs a lot. However, can you believe that I only spent 37$ for my rebonded hair? Yes, 37$. You read it right. As a matter of fact that’s the most expensive price I found at a hair salon located here at our little town. Nonetheless this (very) affordable hair rebonding treatment is good for one year only. Hence you’ll be pushed to take another hair rebond a year after. In able to maintain my long straight hair beautiful throughout the year, I used the same shampoo that suits my hair. Plus I paired it up with a hair conditioner that suits my hair as well. Furthermore, I go to the salon every month to cut some split ends and take a hot oil treatment. Since I cannot afford a hot oil treatment each month I bought an aroma therapy treatment that costs about 5$. Instead of taking hot oil at a salon, I hot oil my hair at home. Now I can have a hot oil treatment at least 2 times a month. It was very effective. My hair looks shiny and smooth all the time.

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