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From dull to shaggy and chic


If you have short, dull hair and you wish to transform your hairstyle in a lively way then you better get a shaggy hair fix. Shaggy cut is also known as shag cut where hair is layered into different lengths. Usually, the layers are feathered at the top and sides to make the hair full yet thin on the edges. You can find many Hollywood celebrities that have shag cut, among them is Meg Ryan. Shag cut is suits women who look tough and a little boyish. Those girls who prefer to race cars than go shopping, or play video games than play dolls. Unlike other hairstyles, shag cut is unisex; it suits both men and women. Lots of men nowadays are getting shag cut because it looks very chic and modern. People who have shag cut hairstyle look fresh always and look very young too. It enhances your face structure. Furthermore, shag cut is very manageable because after you wash your hair and blow dry it, tadaa! You now got a shag cut. To maintain your shag cut, make sure you have frequent trips to the hair salon to cut the edges of your hair.

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