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The Bob Cut Hairstyle


Last 2010, the popular haircut that dates back to 1930s emerged again. The cut was a usual straight around the head at about jaw-length, sometimes it comes with a bangs. This time it has more fashionable and simpler cut. Because some Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rihanna and Katie Holmes got a bob cut hairstyle, lots of women all over the world decided to cut their hair. It doesnโ€™t matter what age bracket you are in, as long as the cut suits you. I myself cut my hair in bob cut and it looks good thus I maintained it by getting a hair cut every 3 months. Bob cut suits women who got long necks, slim and sexy. However, surprisingly it even suits women that are fat as long as they have straight hair since this cut doesnโ€™t suit women with curly hair. This haircut is very noticeable and appealing when you have straight hair, unlike when you have curly, bouncy hair your hair cut is not noticeable at all. Hence if you like to get a bob cut hairstyle you need to have a straight hair first. It would be sensible to get a hair straight treatment first and then ask your stylist to cut your hair in bob cut style.

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