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Don’t prefer wearing headbands and hair clips? Try hair ribbons!


Do you feel uneasy when wearing a headband, especially if it’s too big, it feels heavy and bulky? Are you tired of wearing hair clips over and over again? If your answer is both yes then why don’t you try wearing a hair ribbon? Hair ribbons are very light accessories; you’ll barely feel that you are wearing something for your hair. Aside from that they are very fashionable accessory too. For instance you can tie up your hair with three different colours of hair ribbon: shades of pink, lavender and orange. That would be really lovely for a teenage girl. However if you are some professional lady or a working mom, you can try using dark colours like black, maroon and brown. You can also use some shades that go well with your hair colour. A hair ribbon is such a trendy accessory because it fits almost every type of hair, whether it is curly, straight, bouncy, short, long etc. The most suitable time to wear a hair ribbon is when your hair is already dry. Don’t tie your hair when it is still wet because it would be very hard to fix.

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