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How to make a floral hair accessory


Don’t you know that wearing a floral accessory can make you look more feminine? If you have dull hair and wish to brighten it up you can at least wear a floral hair accessory. These accessories are made from real, natural flowers. It can be in the form of headbands or hair clips. You can avail these hair accessories at department stores, malls and boutiques. Sometimes flower shops sell these kinds of accessories and they are guaranteed fresh. You can also order these floral accessories for special occasions like wedding and formal events. However if you want to spend less you can make a hair accessory of your own. The materials you need are: an old plain/unadorned headband or hair band (if you don’t have then you can buy some at a thrift shop), glue stick & glue gun and fresh flowers from your garden. First, clean your headband with a dry cloth. Next, spread the glue stick into a portion of the headband, preferably on the right or left top part of the headband. Quickly put the fresh flower on the part which has glue stick. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. As soon as it is ready and dry you can now wear them.

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