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Tips in Picking your Graduation Hairstyle


March is graduation month here in the Philippines. Many students are looking forward to this month especially those college students because they finally reached their dream. Graduating from college is such a great achievement especially to those working students who experienced how hard it was to balance school and work. Nonetheless most students regardless of status in life would want to look their best on their big day- the graduation day. The key to having a beautiful look on graduation day depends mostly on how you will fix your hair. Just like the old saying goes, “Hair is our crowning glory”. Hence if your hair looks good, you’re all over appearance look good too! It’s like summing up everything. However because we have different types of hair and different hair cut hairstyle that suits us differ as well. Some of us are short-haired, some has long hair. Here’s a very valuable tip: Since we are wearing a graduation cap on graduation day it would be sensible to let our hair loose rather tying it up, the fact that when our hair is tied up the graduation cap won’t fit. Here are some graduation hairstyle ideas for different types of hair.

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