Victoria Beckham’s short layered hairstyle is both short and sweet with a less fuss. To get her hairstyle first apply the styling mousse on the wet hair and blow dry it. The style the hair with the help of the fingers. First focus the blow dryer on the roots to make sure that the hair doesn’t become flat.After the hair becomes completely dry Use a little amount of hair wax on the crown to get height as well as body in the area. Complete the hairstyle by setting the look using a light-hold hairspray.

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  1. BEYONCE: “Some artists… they focus on their image, they’re hairstyle, or their clothes … I focus on how my music is going to evolve.”

  2. Sigh… I just gave my partner possibly the sexiest, most flattering hairstyle he’s EVER gotten in his life halfway through his haircut…

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