Sara Rue’s long and red Hairstyle along with the bangs gives her a super gorgeous good look. To get her hairstyle first apply a smoothing cream to damp hair and then blow dry straight with the help of a round brush to define the layers. After the hair gets completely dry, try to run a flat iron on the bangs to get an additional straight hair. Use a few drops of shine serum on your palms and then run it over the hair to get a sleek finish. Finally place the hair over one shoulder to get a perfect and romantic touch.

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  1. β€œ@amanda_alist i cant take you seriously if you style the “baby hair” around your edges” I concur!!

  2. @MisLemonadeKiwi @th3_l10n BOTH Y’ALL DUMB!! LMAO!! MAYBE THA WHITE GUY NEEDED HIS HAIR DONE…. Don’t matter wat color :p

  3. #Igotoaschool where the colour of your hair or the way you have it automatically makes you learn less.

  4. If you’re gonna wear extensions, can they at least match the color of your hair? #youlooklikeanidiot

  5. @DrinkinVitaCoco 4 years, 3 albums, Over 100 hairstyle, 27M followers. The sexiest mom alive. Over 20.000.000 copies sold. Gaga is the best

  6. Those were my favorite hairstyle, but they take hours for me to do cause of all this hair πŸ™ I get bored after like 10mins of doing my hair.

  7. @levisherwood congrats Madrid champion!! First time ive watched you ride.. Respect to you and your team.. Classic kiwi hairstyle too.. Lol..

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