Rachel McAdams has got a medium, straight and blonde hairstyle which can also look sexy on others with layered hair. To get her hairstyle, first part the hair perfectly down the middle and then apply a smoothing cream to the damp hair. Then blow dry the hair straight with a round brush and smooth out top half of the hair, by lifting it from the roots to get more volume. After the hair becomes completely dry, curl the ends of the hair with the help of a 1-inch curling iron for additional flair. Finally mist the entire hair using a lightweight hairspray.

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  1. You can change your clothes, change your hairstyle, your friends, cities, continents but sooner or later your own self will always catch up

  2. Ma cuz askin if is dis mad hairstyle I goin on d rd wit I told her I not lookin a soul! Can’t like me @ ma worst den u cnt ave me at ma best

  3. ุฃุนุฌุจู†ูŠ ู…ู‚ุทุน ููŠุฏูŠูˆ ููŠ Braided ponytail hairstyle for everyday Cute easy bun updo

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