uma thurman 215x300 Uma Thurmans Curly Updouma thurman2 231x300 Uma Thurmans Curly Updo
Uma Thurman curly updo is a best way to style a hair during a party. It is easy to get her style, first use a curl-enhancing lotion on damp hair and blow dry using a diffuser. Cover the top layer of the hair use a half-inch curling iron to get structured curls. Next comb the hair using fingers and create a loose ponytail back of the neck. Tuck the loose ends and pin it using the bobby pins. Finally mist the hair using a firm-hold yet touchable hairspray and then pull a few tendrils out in front to get a messy look.
uma thurman3 225x300 Uma Thurmans Curly Updouma thurman4 228x300 Uma Thurmans Curly Updo

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