Fergie has got a new wavy Hairstyle that gives a very casual and beachy look. To get her hairstyle, start by parting the hair down to the center and then mist the damp hair using a texturizing spray. Next separate the hair into 2 sections and loosely braid every section and wait for it dry naturally. After the hair becomes completely dry, remove the braids and use your fingers to go through the waves that will help to loosen them up. At last mist all over the hair with the help of a lightweight hairspray which give your hair a shiny look.

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  1. Everytime she touches my hair, I feel sleepy and start dozing off. Hence, why my scalp hurts when she used a flat iron on it

  2. I left my hairbrush in Norfolk :o( luckily my hair is ridiculously long now so I can tie it up. Plus side to everything!

  3. RT @TueMccartney: Perfect voices, very beautiful, talented, with absolutely awesome hairstyle, their smile make people smile too. The Beatles.

  4. Those were my favorite hairstyle, but they take hours for me to do cause of all this hair ๐Ÿ™ I get bored after like 10mins of doing my hair.

  5. if there is any hairstyle i’m good @ it has always been 2 pigtail braids or 2 french braids… surprisingly. ๐Ÿ™‚ lol hey domo buddy

  6. BEYONCE: “Some artists… they focus on their image, they’re hairstyle, or their clothes … I focus on how my music is going to evolve.”

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