Victoria Beckham has got a short chic bob that gives her a feminine and romantic look. To get her hairstyle first you must create a messy center part and then apply a texturizing mousse to the damp hair. With the help of a round brush blow dry the hair and lift the hair from the roots during the drying process to add more volume. After the hair becomes completely dry, wrap the hair ends around a large barrel curling iron for few seconds before releasing. Continue the same to get a tousled look. Finally mist the hair with the help of a lightweight hairspray.

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  1. hmmm.. You will regret it! I did when i got it done πŸ™ im trying to grow it long so i cant really get another hairstyle πŸ™

  2. Those were my favorite hairstyle, but they take hours for me to do cause of all this hair πŸ™ I get bored after like 10mins of doing my hair.

  3. @DanJDumont will do! Your bungee jumping looked actually epic. So jealous bud! Get yourself a rat tail, it’s the only hairstyle to have.

  4. @DrinkinVitaCoco 4 years, 3 albums, Over 100 hairstyle, 27M followers. The sexiest mom alive. Over 20.000.000 copies sold. Gaga is the best

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