Kerry Washington has got bouncy curls which is perfect way to style the hair for any event. To get her hairstyle apply a little amount of mousse on the hair after towel drying. Next blow dry 2-inch sections using a round brush and turn the brush many times to get a subtle bend for length. Then spritz one-inch section of hair using a styling spray and stay 5-inches away from the scalp. Then wrap it around with a medium curling iron and hold it for some time. Use shine serum on your hand and go through the hair to break up curl and then use hairspray to mist the hair.

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  1. @Harry_Styles want to be my boyfriend? haha, I love you. I love your voice and your hair, I love all of you. xx πŸ™‚

  2. @justinbieber no tattoo, girfriend, hair cut or hair color can change the fact that i’m a Belieber. i love u, please follow me β™₯ 2

  3. Hospitals should employ nail technicians to give me a mani/pedi… I wanna have pretty nails while I heal since I’ve no makeup or hairstyle

  4. Lol hairstyle RT @JabbuM: LOL it depends on? RT @Mello_Muffin: Sometimes… RT Jabu: Do all girls have a “good side” on their face?

  5. RT @TueMccartney: Perfect voices, very beautiful, talented, with absolutely awesome hairstyle, their smile make people smile too. The Beatles.

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