queen latifah 197x300 Queen Latifahs Sleek Bunqueen latifah2 186x300 Queen Latifahs Sleek Bun
Queen Latifah has got a new sleek bun which has got a complicated twist and it can look perfect for those with long hair. To get her style, first you must apply a little amount of styling gel onto the damp hair and then brush the hair creating a tight ponytail. Make sure to tie the hair with an elastic so it doesn’t fall. Divide the ponytail into two and wrap each section around an elastic in the opposite directions. Pin the ends of the hair down using the bobby pins. Finally mist the bun with a strong-hold hairspray and complete the styling.
queen latifah3 209x300 Queen Latifahs Sleek Bunqueen latifah4 189x300 Queen Latifahs Sleek Bun

queen latifah5 190x300 Queen Latifahs Sleek Bunqueen latifah6 173x300 Queen Latifahs Sleek Bun