Brittany Flickinger has got a new teased hairstyle which gives her a very beautiful look and it can be a perfect style for those with long hair. This hairstyle will look perfect on a day old hair. To get her hairstyle first you must use a teasing comb and then backcomb the top layer of the hair. Next wrap sections of the hair around a 2-inch curling iron to get few waves throughout the hair. Then spread a little amount of styling wax over the fingertips and piece out the ends of the hair to complete the styling and set the look.

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  1. RT @KINGVictoria_: RT @persohnafied: #WhatBlackGirlsHaveRuined Ombre/Dip-dye hair. Sorry ma soul sistas, but its true. ~ no one has ruined it. It’s a hairstyle

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