Garcelle Beauvais new curly hairstyle gives her a natural look. To get her style first mix a quarter-size amount of leave-in conditioner with curl-enhancing balm and few drops of shine serum and apply it on the damp hair. Next blow dry 2-inch sections with a paddle brush and mist half-inch section of the hair with a styling spray. Then wrap it tightly around a medium curling iron to set the curl and slide iron out without spreading the curl. Do the same for the entire hair. At last finger style the hair and mist all over with a hairspray for soft hold.

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  1. Hey @bellathorne πŸ™‚ I love your hair style and of course your voice Everytime i hear your voice My hearts be relax πŸ˜€

  2. I’ll miss Zayn’s quiff. But ‘ll still love him. Whether he changes his hairstyle, becomes less fit, whatever reasons you can think of.

  3. RT @persohnafied: #WhatBlackGirlsHaveRuined Ombre/Dip-dye hair. Sorry ma soul sistas, but its true. ~ no one has ruined it. It’s a hairstyle

  4. RT @iGotLEXXappeal: ummm… whats this hairstyle with these 3 big ole braids with a little side bun in the back? that needs to stop.

  5. Ψ£ΨΉΨ¬Ψ¨Ω†ΩŠ Ω…Ω‚Ψ·ΨΉ فيديو في Braided ponytail hairstyle for everyday Cute easy bun updo

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