Katherine Jenkins has got a banded updo which gives her a cute look. This can look perfect on a long hair. To get her hairstyle first apply a volumizing cream and then blow dry the hair forward. Next apply a dry shampoo on the scalp to thicken the strands and tease the hair starting from crown till the way down. Next smooth the top layer on the teased part and then pin the ends up to create a bun shape. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray and use a good looking headband over it to complete the styling.

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  1. @justinbieber ill be here with you always, i love your new hair style, its amazing. just ignore all the fake beliebers. never say never<3

  2. @cookiemonstaaxo @HiEmzy ooooo well you should decide on a hairstyle and stick to it tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. @AndreaMary13 No more point system. You pretended to be A Frank and still talked to me despite awkward hair cuts & sense of style. #loveyou

  4. Cue, Nicki Minaj RT @Dr__Birkenstock: Having a fashionable hairstyle that matches both your personality and body shape is important to men.

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