Carmen Electra has got a new long and curly hairstyle which is a romantic way to style the hair that is long. To get her hairstyle, first part the hair down the center and spread a smoothing cream onto the damp hair. Then blow dry the hair straight with a round brush. After the hair gets dry, curl only the bottom half of the hair with a one and half inch curling iron. Make sure not to break up the curls and place them over on both the shoulders. At last mist the curls with an anti-frizz hairspray to complete the styling.

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  1. I just stalked my 8th grade language arts teacher’s 12 year old daughter’s Facebook & read that she doesn’t like her dad’s chest hair

  2. So I’m going to be a brat and dye my hair and listen to/cry over Adele and then get my nose pierced in two days ok? Ok.

  3. RT @KINGVictoria_: RT @persohnafied: #WhatBlackGirlsHaveRuined Ombre/Dip-dye hair. Sorry ma soul sistas, but its true. ~ no one has ruined it. It’s a hairstyle

  4. BEYONCE: “Some artists… they focus on their image, they’re hairstyle, or their clothes … I focus on how my music is going to evolve.”

  5. RT @TueMccartney: Perfect voices, very beautiful, talented, with absolutely awesome hairstyle, their smile make people smile too. The Beatles.

  6. Ma cuz askin if is dis mad hairstyle I goin on d rd wit I told her I not lookin a soul! Can’t like me @ ma worst den u cnt ave me at ma best

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