Dolly Parton’s Hairstyle With Bangs

Dolly Parton’s hairstyle with bangs gives her a very different look and it can look perfect on a unwashed hair. To get her style first apply a texturizing product onto the dry hair and then comb it through well. Next curl the bottom half of the hair with a one inch curling iron. After curling the hair secure up sections with the bobby pins in the back to get a cascading curls down the side of the head. Use a flat iron on the bangs to make it straight and mist all over the hair with a strong-hold hairspray to avoid flyaways.

2,119 comments on “Dolly Parton’s Hairstyle With Bangs
  1. sentlhaga mo tlhogong RT: @DodoBW: e ntse jang? i didnt see it LOL RT Tebbie: @DodoBW if u dare dira this hairstyle ya ga Dj Zinhle

  2. Classic Outfit: Black short dress, with black high shoes.. classical hairstyle.. black and white makeup.. not that much makeup.. accessories

  3. @iRealRay if there is any hairstyle i’m good @ it has always been 2 pigtail braids or 2 french braids… surprisingly. :) lol hey domo buddy

  4. I Really Need A Girl That No How Wash Hair Condition it and fix it the way I need it so wen I get this new Hairstyle it come out Perfect

  5. Rain doesn’t mean anything to me. It might help my hairstyle. Any piece that’s a little frizzy might need a little rain to get curly. Hello

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