Kristen Bell has got a sophisticated ponytail which gives her an ultra-sexy look and it can be perfect on the hair which is medium length. To get her hairstyle first do middle part and then spread a smoothing cream over the damp hair. Blow dry the hair straight with a round brush and curl the bottom half of the hair with a one inch curling to add more texture. Next collect all the hair and create a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail using a elastic and tug it behind the head to add more volume. Finally curl few pieces of hair around the face and complete the styling.

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  1. @levisherwood congrats Madrid champion!! First time ive watched you ride.. Respect to you and your team.. Classic kiwi hairstyle too.. Lol..

  2. Rain doesn’t mean anything to me. It might help my hairstyle. Any piece that’s a little frizzy might need a little rain to get curly. Hello

  3. Hospitals should employ nail technicians to give me a mani/pedi… I wanna have pretty nails while I heal since I’ve no makeup or hairstyle

  4. RT @JesbianProblems: Being able to tell when a picture of @JessieJ was taken by looking at her hairstyle, dip-dye and hair colour. #JesbianProblems

  5. Sigh… I just gave my partner possibly the sexiest, most flattering hairstyle he’s EVER gotten in his life halfway through his haircut…

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