jennifer hudson 182x300 Jennifer Hudsons Straight Hairstylejennifer hudson2 175x300 Jennifer Hudsons Straight Hairstyle
Jennifer Hudson has got a straight hairstyle which is a glamorous way to style the hair that is shoulder length. To get her hairstyle, first part your hair deeply to a side using the tail of a tooth comb. The hair must look perfectly straight to get a sophisticated vibe. Next spread a little amount of smoothing cream all over the damp hair and then blow dry the hair straight with a vent brush to make your hair is completely dry. Straighten the bottom half of the hair with a flat iron to straighten the bottom half of your hair to make it smooth.
jennifer hudson3 177x300 Jennifer Hudsons Straight Hairstylejennifer hudson4 175x300 Jennifer Hudsons Straight Hairstyle

jennifer hudson5 175x300 Jennifer Hudsons Straight Hairstylejennifer hudson6 180x300 Jennifer Hudsons Straight Hairstyle