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Afro is also known as natural and it is shortly termed as fro. Afro is a hairstyle which is naturally worn by people who is having kinky hair texture and people specifically style it in such a fashion with natural hair or curly hair. The hairstyle is generally created by combing the hair away from the scalp and due to this it allows the hair to extend out from the head in a large and rounded shape. The hair style is generally created with the help of creams, gels or any kind of solidifying liquids in order to hold the hair in place. It is generally popular in the African and American countries. The hairstyle is maintained with the assistance of a wide toothed comb which is also known as afro pick.

In the 1860s a style similar to afro was introduced which was worn by the Circassian beauties that is also known as moss haired girls. These women are claimed to be one of the Circassian people in the northern region, later was marketed to white audiences which was captivated by the exotic east. During the slavery time inUnited Statesmany people had hairstyles which they mock from the whites so that they can be one of them in the society. Afro textured hair is generally characterized by its tight curls, waves, kinks and it is generally described as being kinky, cottony and sometimes woolly. These characteristic are generally of European standards and it gained popularity slowly in the African and American countries.






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