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Afro textured hair is a term describing the natural texture of black African hair which can be altered by hot combs. Each and every strand of this hair grows in a tiny spring like corkscrew shape. The overall effect is that this texture appears to be quite denser than the normal straight counterparts although it has relatively fewer actual hair shafts. Due to these characteristics this is often referred as thick, bushy and woolly like. For many reasons including its relatively flat cross section, this hair types also conveys a dry appearance. Due to its uniqueness of the shape of the hair, it is very much prone to breakage during combing the hair.

Even the members of the Columbian Western societies have used these adjectives like kinky, woolly, softy and many more while describing afro textured hairs. More recently people are applying numerical grading systems to the human hair types. Among these systems the most popular version is “type 4” including the subcategory of type 4C as the most exemplary among the afro texture. But actually afro textured hair is difficult to categorize as it has different variations from person to person. Some variations are its pattern size, density and many more. Afro textured hair may have initially evolved due to an adaptive need for the protection against the intense UV radiation of Africa. Afro textured hair is usually seen in the African region and people who live in the tribes are generally have afro textured hairs.





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