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Beehive is a hairstyle which is generally seen on women. It is also called B-52 as it is quite similar B-52 Stratofrotress Bomber. This hairstyle was very much famous in the 60’s and 70’s as all the Bollywood and the Hollywood actresses had this hairstyle in that era. It is still famous now and a lot of women prefer this hairstyle. This hairstyle was made popular by Amy Winehouse in this generation. She was a renowned celebrity and had this hairstyle all the time; it was very rare that she had a different hairstyle. People had her image of being a fantastic singer and her beehive hairstyle. Recently Jenifer Lopez was seen in this hairstyle after flaunting her new hairstyle in Paris earlier this year. She was seen in this hairstyle at the promotion of her new film “The Back-Up Plan” which premiered in London’s Vue West End.

Although Jenifer Lopez’s hairstyles are not exaggerated but she has kept her usual style of long and wavy hair for most of the time in the film’s promotion but she opted to go for beehive hairstyle in the premiere and she was looking absolutely marvellous. Few days ago Lady Gaga who is known as the fashion icon has been spotted with beehive hairstyle in the promotional tour of her new album in Japan. A lot of hairstylists have said that short hair will be the trend this year but looking at Jenifer Lopez and Lady Gaga the equation seems totally different.





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