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Bob cut hairstyle has been going on since ages. It is one those inconsistent hairstyles that goes in and out of fashion. Many celebrities are so fond of bob cut hairstyles that nowadays they prefer to cut off their long locks and have a short hair up to chin. According to NYC salon owner Eva Scrivo, the bob cut was generally originated during the World War I as women had to join the workforce and didn’t have enough time for pin curls and straightening irons. At that time cropped hair denoted a badge of freedom, rebellion and independent for working women who has gained the right to vote. Looking at its background story it is quite visible that the haircut signifies a lot of things and hence proves that it is a very powerful and stylish hairstyle.

Bob haircut doesn’t suit anyone as it requires a proper a face posture to suit this hairstyle. A person having a nice jaw line and neck will automatically look good in a bob hairstyle. If someone has a round face then a long bob haircut will definitely look good on her. If you want any kind of texture in your hair bob haircut will look best on thin to medium hair. If you do not get your layers cut and get your ends texturized then the bob may turn into a triangle if you have a curly hair. Bob haircut is now quite in fashion and a lot of your favourite celebrities are now having this kind of hairstyle. So go and have a stylish bob hairstyle.





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