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The buzz cut hairstyle was introduced by David Beckham as he was the first celebrity who introduced this hairstyle and later on become a trend. He has set trend for the summer look and after that almost every young star had buzz haircut as they thought it is quite easier to groom and maintain. Shorter haircuts are quite easy to maintain, it is simple and stylish at the same time and quite professional. Buzz cut does not suit everyone, to carry this haircut you need to have an active lifestyle especially if you are leading a colourful life like playing a sport, going to the gym and so on. Buzz cut haircut needs to go with your personality and your image otherwise the hairstyle would not suit you.

Buzz haircut can vary to different persons. One type of buzz cut is that you can totally keep your head bald or you can even make it shorter which is quite close of being bald. You can even achieve a short Mohawk cut into a buzz haircut which is quite easy to carry and can be styled with the help of using a hair gel or mousse. It is not necessary that you need to have this haircut during summer season only you can also have it during winter season also. You are very much assured of the fact that your hair will work for any kind of sport or the board room. So try to have this haircut as it cool, smart and very attractive.





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