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The bowl cut hairstyle which has been popular in past decades; it seems that it is back again as one of the popular hairstyles among women. Nowadays from the celebs to an ordinary person everyone is having a bowl cut hairstyle. It was in the 70s when this hairstyle dominated among all the hairstyles and now again in this generation it gained its lost popularity. Some popular celebs like Agyness Deyn, Parker Posey and many other celebs are having bowl cut hairstyle and now making a trend all over the world. People are kind of surprised to see that celebs and also common people are having bowl cut hairstyle which was an old trend and are now they are back with a bang and making quite of bit of news.

The retro vibe of the haircut has gone and now it has become much more stylish and sexier. One person who can be held responsible for this stylish hairstyle is celebrity hairstylist Sam Brocato who had brought on this hairstyle again with a few changes, but keeping the things very simple and the way it was. It has the changed the shape of the cut and due to this it provokes a person to stare at your hair making it very attractive. The bowl cut hairstyle helps you to add some edginess to your look without experimenting too much with your hair. It is very stylish and it has too suit your personality otherwise it would not look good. So have a bowl cut hairstyle if you haven’t.





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