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From walking in the red carpet to walking down the aisle celebs can be seen having classic ballerina bun hairstyle. The high chic buns provide a woman with a look that exudes femininity and the bun has full of class, elegance and sophisticated all rolled into one. Recent married celebs likes Hilary Duff, Nichole Richie, Molly Sims and many others chose the bun hairstyle to go with their wedding gown and it was truly a good decision as it was looking lovely. The bun hairstyle was perfectly going with their white dress and suiting their personality. Following them Jenifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad and other celebs was seen having this hairstyle in recent award functions. It is very much happening in fashion nowadays and it is quite easy to have it making the people interested to have this kind of hairstyle.

If you are thinking if having this hairstyle in your marriage then you have chosen the right kind of hairstyle. 5 reasons why you should have this hairstyle in your wedding are as follows:

Firstly, it is different from the various kinds of hairstyles which exist. It is very stylish and beautiful at the same time. Secondly, it is timeless i.e. you can have this hairstyle at any time, it never gets outdated. Thirdly, you can wear it with accessories like bands, flowers etc. Fourthly, you have veil options i.e. you can also pin it up or you can prefer to secure it on top and lastly, it helps you to show your natural assets i.e. it helps you to show your face as well as your collarbones.

So try to have bun hairstyle because it is very trendy and very stylish. So have it from now on.





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