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Since the 1950s the crew cut hairstyle is one the popular hairstyles among men. Many people actually wondered how a person can look in this method of cutting and styling of hair. It requires very short hair and looks dashing in men. Many people has different opinions about the crew cut hairstyle but frankly most of them don’t know what crew cut hairstyle actually is. Most recently Jeremy Renner has been spotted having this hairstyle and he was truly looking dashing and cool. The hairstyle was accompanied with a cool sunglass and a grey t-shirt, but overall he was looking very cool. The hairstyle was going well with him and suiting his personality quite well. So don’t go for people’s opinion and try out this hairstyle if you truly need a makeover.

The crew cut hairstyle was first introduced by the Yale rowing team. The crew cut is very shortly cut which is quite close to your scalp and fades to a slightly longer length in the front. The flat top style is a variation on this style that provides the hair at the crown and upper sides to remain longer while keeping the centre short so that the eventual style creates a level surface on top of the head. The crew cut hairstyle is quite famous since 1950s with some men choosing to wear at different times. The crew cut hairstyle is quite cool and very stylish and if you haven’t tried it yet then do try it.





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