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Crop hairstyle has become one of the top ranked hairstyles among women. Crops hairstyle has revived among celebs within the last couple of years and nowadays short hairstyles have set to get shorter with the introduction of pixie crops. Celebs are very much finding it cool to have this kind of hairstyle and they are setting a trend worldwide. Recently Emma Watson was spotted with this hairstyle and she was looking stunning at the premiere of Harry Potter’s last episode. As soon as Emma Watson had this hairstyle and people all over the world especially the teenagers prefer to have this hairstyle. Nowadays people are putting some creativity in their hairstyle also and it is looking absolutely stunning. Crop hairstyle is very much in fashion nowadays and if you haven’t had this haircut you better do it now.

In recent years it is observed that short hairs has put up a big impact on hair trends but none has been quite so daring as the latest pixie crop. Earlier it was short back and sides which was quite popular with heavy top layers, sweeping fringes but now it is spotted that the short styles are being short all over. Although it sounds drastic but it is a total misconception as it looks very feminine and sophisticated with some soft outlines making it more elegant and elfin than extreme. So go for crop style haircut as it brings a makeover in your look and your friends may envy on you and you can be a star.






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