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A comb over is a hairstyle which is generally worn by bald people in which one side of the hair is growing long and then combed over the bald region in order to minimize the display of baldness. There are various ways than you can comb over your hair and certainly it is doing a great job for the bald people. This hairstyle helps to create an illusion of hair which makes the outside people believe that the person is not exactly bald. It has provided a great relief to the people who are facing problem regarding their hairs. Comb over is perfect hairstyle for them as it not creates an illusion but also makes them presentable and smart as well. So if you are facing any kind of hair problems you must think of trying this hairstyle because it will definitely solve your problem.

To create your own comb over hairstyle you must follow certain steps they are as follows:

Firstly, you must part your hair starting from the back of your scalp. Secondly, try to comb your hair at a 90 degree angle with the help of the swirl technique, eventually covering the bald area with 7-8 long strands of hair. Thirdly, try to give some gel, spit or shoe polish in order to create a shiny glow in your hair. Lastly, after following all the steps you must be very confident of yourself by knowing the fact that no one can tell you that you are balding. So try to have a comb over hairstyle in case you are suffering from hair problem and you will be guaranteed that you would not regret.





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