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Devilock hairstyle was first introduced by Misfits bassist Jerry Only during the late 1970s. He said in an interview Devilock was based on a tidal wave hairstyle which is very much popular among the skateboarding communities. In that same interview Misfits’ vocalist Glenn Danzig said that his hairstyle was influenced from Eddie Munster who was famous for his devilock hairstyle. In a devilock hairstyle the sides and the back are kept very short making your scalp quite visible while the front part needs to keep long and has to be combed forward making it an awesome and cool devilock hairstyle. In the 1990s, the devilock experienced a mammoth popularity in the market of Asia that made the hairstyle spread from punk rock to the mainstream culture. The devilock hairstyle was growing with popularity including Japan and China and they named this hairstyle Noriaki Endo. Nowadays the devilock has become a brand that currently sponsors music events like the Devilock Nights which takes place throughout the Southeast Asia.

The devilock has become hugely popular nowadays especially among young generation. People who are kind of associated with a band think that they have to have a devilock hairstyle as the hairstyle defines the rock culture. Although it sounds drastic but people are behaving that way and it is still being followed even in the 21st generation. People are still mad about this hairstyle and the popularity is still growing and making it a trend all over the world. So if you want to try something different with your hair then devilock hairstyle is just the perfect one for you.





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