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Curly hairstyles have become a trend these days and women are flaunting their hair all the time. Curly is very much in these days and you need to have a good face posture to have a curly hair. The celebs have also shown their interest and they all know that cascading curls don’t have to be prim and proper. Some people have natural curly hair from birth but if she wants some creativity in her hair by eliminating frizz and adding some smoothness then you must consult New York’s best hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins. Recently famous celebrity like Andie MacDowell was spotted with a beautiful curly hair in an award function. She was looking lovely in a grey dress with diamond earrings and the curly hair was going quite well.

If you are willing to change your hairstyle and make it into a curly hair you need to let your hair dry first to make a perfect curl and then wrap your natural waves around the barrel of an iron. If someone has a straight hair then you need to wash your hair in deep condition in order to get a healthy shine. You need to dry your hair with a round brush and in order to get a ripple effect you need to use a large curling iron then roll your hair around the barrel in a certain direction and then again in the other to have that ripple effect. So if you want to get a curly hair don’t wait just do it.





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