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Dido flip hairstyle was a popular hairstyle among women in the early 21st century. The dido flip hairstyle was an imitation of the singer and the song writer Dido Armstrong. It was basically a chopped hairstyle that gave the famous singer a distinctive look. The dido flip was noted by the Sunday Times from the profile of Dido after she won 2 Brit Awards in 2002. The dido flip hairstyle attracted mostly to the paparazzi like hungry mosquitoes meanwhile famous hairstylist Steven Ward described the dido flip hairstyle as short choppy shag. Nowadays the dido flip hairstyle is setting up trend all over the world and its popularity has grown immense. Many celebrities now prefer this hairstyle and showing their willingness open heartedly. Dido flip hairstyle looks very cool and beautiful and only a person having a strong personality can carry this hairstyle.

Recently Rihanna was spotted with this hairstyle at an award function and she was looking stunning. Just like her song her hairstyle was absolutely fabulous and she was carrying it with ease. A lot of celebs don’t even know what hairstyles suit them the best but Rihanna knows what does and her choice is amazing. Her hairstyle was well accommodated with her clothes and accessories. So those who are really interested to have dido flip hairstyle must have it because it protrudes out your personality and looks stylish at the same time. It is a wonderful hairstyle only if you can carry yourself properly. Try the new trend.





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