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Dreadlocks are generally worn by singers or people who are associated with a Rock Band. Dreadlock helps to radiate a person’s attitude and individuality. Whenever you attend any rock concert you are bound to find some singers having dreadlock hairstyle and nodding their hair while singing. It has become a trend worldwide and if you are not wearing any dreadlock and performing you will feel that something is missing which is not letting the concert rise to another level. You can see people wearing short dreadlocks, long tail dreadlocks, and many more. This dreadlocks hairstyle is popular since the 90s and it is still going strong. People who are associated with a Rock Band prefer to have this kind of hairstyle as this hairstyle signifies the rock culture. This hairstyle is very cool and very difficult to carry and maintain. The person who really has a strong personality can pull this off.

Famous singer like Bob Marley used to have dreadlock hairstyle and rocked the whole world. People used to love his hairstyle and use to put up wig in his concerts. The members of the famous P.O.D band used to have dreadlocks right from the singer to the drummer. They use to have everything what a Rock Band should have. Just like their music their hairstyle rocked the whole world. Another famous artist, singer, lyricist Zach De La Rocha used to have dreadlock hairstyle which seriously rocked the whole world. Just like his lyrics and its song delivery his dreadlock hairstyle was truly awesome and people used to love him for that.






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