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It has been 7 decades since ducktail hairstyle has become one of the top hairstyles in the world. The ducktail hairstyle is also known as Duck’s butt hairstyle because of it look. This hairstyle is generally a retro look by combing the hair on the side towards the center of the back of the head and as a result it looks like the rear end of a duck. In order to have this hairstyle you need to use a lot of grease in your hair so that hairs stay in its original place. The ducktail hairstyle is generally suits the rebels or greasers as it is a difficult hairstyle to carry and only a strong personality can pull it off. It is very cool and stylish making this young generation to get this ducktail hairstyle. So if you haven’t got this hairstyle yet you must try to get one as it very cool and the best hairstyle to get a makeover.

This hairstyle is quite famous among the Mexican American Pachucos of Los Angeles. It is quite appreciated there and people prefer to have this hairstyle as for them it is very comfortable to carry. This hairstyle can be created by combing the hair backwards around the sides of the head. The teeth edge of a comb helps to define the central parting which runs down at the back of your head. The hairstyle is very stylish and looks very smart. It is quite formal and sober and you can wear it anytime and anywhere.





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