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A Dutch braid is actually a reverse form of French braid. This hairstyle can be worn with everything, formal, casual, jewelleries etc. and it looks good too. Although the hairstyle looks a bit complicated to make but it is not to be so as it just requires some practice and a bit of patience and you will get what you desired for. All you have to do is to comb your hair thoroughly with the help of a wide tooth comb and again combing with a light tooth comb in order to make sure that every tiny knot is removed. After doing it you need to apply some gel in your head just to make sure that it remains intact. The second step is to start at the top of your head where the braid will initiate by using a comb and then dividing the hair properly.

The third step is to make an underhand braid by crossing the right section under the centre section and then again cross the left section under the centre section which almost creates the base of your hairstyle. The fourth step is to hold the braid in your right palm up and the finger dividing each section. You have to divide the hair properly so that it remains very correct and proper. The fifth step is to reverse the action by holding the braid in your left palm up and again dividing each section with the help of your fingers. You again need to divide the hair properly like the way you did in the fourth step. The last step is to continue the process until you finally run out of hair. Eventually after completing all the steps your Dutch braid hairstyle will be created.





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