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Fishtail hairstyle has nowadays become hugely popular. Especially teenage girls and women aging in the 20s are wearing this hairstyle. It looks very beautiful if it is properly created and helps to increase the inner beauty of a woman. Fishtail hairstyle is not at all complicated to make all you have to do is to follow it step by step. The first step is to part your hair down the center which starts from the right side of your forehead that twists an inch section of your hair away from your face. The second step is to comb your hair in order to separate a ½ inch section which is right below the first section along your face and then twisting that piece of hair away from you face. The third step is to continue the second step until your hair touches the neck line and then use a clip or a bobby pin in order to hold the hair in its original place.

The fourth step is to repeat the twisting process on the left hand side also starting from your forehead. The fifth step is that when you reach at the nape of your neck and then unclipping the right side and then you have to hold both left and the right side into 2 separate sections. The sixth step is to pull ½ an inch section of hair from the right side and adding it on the left section. After doing it you have to repeat the process by reversing it. The last step is to continue adding ½ an inch pieces of hair down the ends and then secure it with any kind of elastic bands. This is how a fishtail hairstyle is created.




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