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Faux hawk hairstyle has become hugely popular these days. It has become one of the favourite hairstyles from men during 2011. The hairstyle is generally very popular among the celebrities also which provokes a lot of person to have this hairstyle. It is basically a new version of Mohawk hairstyle which was clean shaven on the sides and a long streak of hair on top of the head. Earlier Mohawk hairstyle was associated with the punk community but nowadays faux hawk hairstyle signifies style fresh and a funky look. This hairstyle suits people of all ages but it is generally popular among young men and professionals. Faux hawk hairstyle is very easy to make, you can ask your friend to do it or you can to any professional hairstylist to have this hairstyle.

To have a faux hawk hairstyle you need to prepare the tools first. Tools like hair clippers, elastic bands, mirrors and scissors. You may also need some hair gel in order to set your hair properly. After getting all the tools you need to decide how thick you want your faux hawk to be. You can copy some of celebrity’s haircut as a reference so that you can decide how thick you want your hair to be. Before you start to cut your hair you must wash your hair properly until you get that squeaky clean hair. Once you have done with this process you divide the hair into 3 areas; both the sides and even in the middle. Then use a n elastic band to tie up your hair properly on the middle section. Then after doing it shave of your hair on the sides and finally you will have your desired faux hawk hairstyle





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