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Feathered hairstyle was a popular hairstyle during the 1970s with men and women both prefer to have this hairstyle. The hair usually grows long on both the sides covering the ears and it also could be of shoulder length. It is generally not layered properly but some men prefer with curly hair and also keep the layers on either of the sides or at the centre parting. The hair is generally brushed back at the sides of the head which gives an appearance that is similar to the feathers of a bird. The haircut was immensely popular in the 1970s and the trend seems to continue even now. Famous celebs like Tim Brooke Taylor, Don Johnson and many more used to have this hairstyle and they carry it perfectly.

Farrah Faucet had this hairstyle in her recent movie Charlie’s Angels and it proved to be an iconic hairstyle as it set as a trend worldwide. People just loved her hairstyle and many women of her age desired to have this hairstyle. It almost looked as if she was wearing feathers in her hair as an extension. Since then some teenage and adult celebs like Selena Gomez, Love Hewitt, Hillary Duff and many others preferring this hairstyle. It is very easy to carry and it is not all complicated to make. This hairstyle is dominating fashion market nowadays and people are showing a lot of willingness to have this hairstyle. So if you haven’t got this hairstyle yet you must do it now.





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