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Fofa Hairstyle


The fofa is a type of hairstyle. The sides and the backside have short to moderate length of hair. Because of the natural hairlessness, a hairline moves back right from the forehead. Usually distinguished gentlemen go for this kind of a hairdo. The fofa derives its origins from the hairstyles of the monks. Generally older men opt for fofas as they are predisposed to have lesser hair and suffer from loss of hair. This kind of a hairstyle is typified and associated with grey or white and lighter hair. The lack of hair on areas where frequent growth of hair is usually witnessed is called hairlessness especially the head. The progressive tapering of hair found commonly in mature humans or other different species lead to baldness. This is called male pattern hairlessness or androgenic alopecia. In the case of both men and women androgenic alopecia or alopecia androgenetica is recognized. Male pattern hairlessness is specifically for mature men. Maintaining the fofa hairstyle can be quite difficult.ย  For holding it tight and in place and to give it a proper direction, Murrayโ€™s pomade can be applied. For stringhold and moderate shine, medium weight pomades and royal crown dressing can be used. These work for all lengths of hair; short medium or long. The royal crown gel has a beautiful fragrance that is contributed to by olive oil and petrolatum jelly. For curly hair sandalโ€™s control wax should not be used. Curly hair does not cover the whole of the scalp too.

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