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Half Ponytail Hairstyle



One of the commonest hairstyles sported by women is the half pony hairstyles. A woman not only looks good and neat with this hairstyle, but this style has also become a fashion statement today. Men too are appreciating this style and adopting it. There are serious fashion statements related to this style.

Half ponytail is simple a ponytail that is made with only half of one’s hair. This style is common for those who wish to tie their hair at the side of their head behind them while the hair at the back is kept down and loose. Generally today women prefer a bump or some height on the top of their head. This is the first step and is optional. There are two ways to get this look. For people with thin hair, they must gently brush their hair backwards and over the top to create some height and lift. The second option is safer and does not require extensive back-brushing which damages the hair. One can use clip in hair extensions that help to bump up the volume and create lift and height on top of the head.

The next step is to separate and comb hair on both sides and back of the head. One needs to hold the hair that will go into the ponytail with one hand held high above the head. A coated elastic ponytail holder must be used to pull the gathered hair into the centre of the ponytail holder and the band can be flipped over to tighten the ponytail.

This is the simplest method of half ponytail and there are several other methods to create more elegant and stylish ones.



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