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Half Updo Hairstyle



prom night must be special and every body tries to look the best that night..Girls in gowns and boys in tux, thses are the general dress code in a prom night. what about the hairstyles? If you want to look your prettiest, suggestion would be to stick to the half hairdo hairstyle. This hairstyle is not only meant for ladies with long hair, it works good even with shoulder length hair. The half up and half down hairstyle are very romantic as they keep the hair out of the face on one hand which is perfect for dancing and manage to look carefree and unfussy at the same time.

In this type of hairstyle, the hair in the front are pilled back but remain long in the back to show off one’s best facial features like the eyes, lips, cheekbones, smile, nose, etc. this is a soft design on the hair and when implemented, gives the wearer a more feminine edge. A sleek texture on the half up do hairstyles looks glamorous, stylish and cute while soft waves and wispy tendrils suggest a romantic character.

This hairstyle has been popular with celebrities both on the red carpet and in shows. The fall hairstyle of 201 was the half up trend. Ashley Tisdale of Zack and Cody fame, Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame Anne Hathaway, Rachael Adams, Hilary Duff, Emma Stome, Brooklyn Decker, Jessica Alba, Ali Landry, Victoria Justice, have all flaunted the half hairdo throughout the latter half of 2011.

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