High and Tight Hairstyle


High and Tight Hairstyle


This high and tight hairstyle is a military variant of the buzz cut that is a very short hairstyle mostly worn by men in the armed forces. This hairstyle is sometimes sported by women too. The functionality of this hairstyle makes it popular with law enforcement officers and other public safety personnel.

This hairstyle got its high and tight parts from two different styles in this hairdo. “High” refers to the very close cutting of the hair above the temples, generally 1/16 inches or smaller delineated by a sharp line that separates it from the “tight” and thicker top portion. The top of the hair is spared to counter the weight of a combat helmet. The length of the hair present at the top may vary and it is left long enough to be combed; the sides of the head might be completely combed with a razor.

The 1980s saw this style cross over to the civilians and they started referring to this high and tight style as the skin fade style, because here the sides and back of the head are shaved to the skin and the top portion with hair is faded into it. This hairstyle was first embraced by the young civilian and it later spread to include like aged men.

There are variations in this high and tight hairstyle. The horseshoe flattop version where the top of the head is clipped in flattop style, the exposed scalp being referred to as the landing strip. The recon version has higher boundaries, with hair present quite above the crown of the head, and this can also eb shortened to have the appearance of the horseshoe flattop.



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