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Highlights Hairstyle




Highlights are one of the leading hairstyles today. Young or old everybody is adopting this hairstyle. Highlights mainly refer to the style where just a portion of the hair is colored differently to the natural color of the hair or different to the color the entire hair is dyed. This is one hairstyle that does not focus on the length or type of the hair. Short or long, straight or curled, this type of hairstyle can be applied in all. The line between blonde and brunette gets blurred while using this hairstyle. The designs are many and one can choose any color one likes to settle as highlights. While brunettes might prefer a light or golden hue, blondes might go for any color including fluorescent ones.

Colors seen today range from red to green to purple to orange and the style catches on fast. The quality of colors must be strictly observed. Low grade colors damage the hair beyond repair and might also harm the skin. Serums must be used while opting to go for highlights, as they provide a protective covering to the hair and also ensure that the color remains long. Models in fashion weeks to celebrities on the red carpet, this trend is just too intriguing. The hair can be changed into any shape and the highlights can be applied. Flips, dido, blunt cut, braids, fringes, side locks, bowl cuts, and all other hairstyles can be a precursor to the highlight hairstyle. It not only transforms the way a person looks but also makes way for a whole new personality.

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