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Hime Cut Hairstyle



This hairstyle, the hime cut literally meaning the princess cut in Japanese, consists of side locks that are generally cheek length and fringe in the front. The rest of the hair is long and straightened. As the name suggests, this style became popular in the Imperial courts in the Japanese Heian Period and the noble women would sometimes grow their hair ling for the entire lifetime.

The hime requires very high maintenance for those who are naturally not blessed with straight hair. This hairstyle requires frequent touch-ups on the side locks and frontal bangs to maintain their shape. Hair straightening irons, shampoos are some methods that help to overcome this problem. Humidity can cause curling in certain types of hair and ruin the hairstyle, and is cites as a problem for many. Hair extensions and weaves are used on side locks to prevent such happenings. The Elegant subculture of the Gothic Lolita usually sports this type of hairstyle. Within this culture, the hime is considered an elegant style compared to other styles and might require frequent curling and crimping that might cause permanent hair damage.

There are variations observed in the hime cut. The length of side locks vary and might be long and short. The longer side locks might sometimes be pulled in front of the ears while there might only be the side lock present without any frontal bangs. The side locks also might be cut smaller, where the locks reach the level of the mouth only and the rest of the hair is kept long. The hair can also be cropped short in the back or paired with the ogando style, or might be worn one-sided.

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