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Horseshoe Flattop as the name indicates is a flattop style of haircut with a minor twist. The new feature being that the top hair is being given a shape of a horse-shoe.

In this style, hair present on the sides and at the back are clipped, making the scalp almost visible.  The top portion of the hair is made to deliberately stand up, within an inch in size. The horseshoe flattop is also a variant of ‘high and tight’ style, the ‘high’ representing the side hair being cropped quite high above the temple region. And the ‘tight’ representing the sharp line that divides the cropped sides and the relatively longer top portion.

This hairstyle is also synonymous among the armed forces and there is also a scientific reason to it. The uppermost portion of hair being relatively long helps in bearing up with the weight of the combat helmet by minimizing pressure on the scalp.

This hairstyle came into fashion in the late 1980s when it was first embraced by the young community of Afro-American men. Then it slowly seeped into men of the same age-group in other communities.

This hairstyle is also more popularly known as ‘skin fade’ among civilians as the sides and back of the head has its skin exposed with the top portion of the hair being blended to it by a relatively longer hair. It creates an illusion as if the hair is gradually fading from the top region to its sides and back.

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