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Japanese hair straightening is a hair straightening procedure invented in Japan. It goes by many names like Thermal reconditioning, Straight Perm, Japanese straight Perm, Yuko System (Yuko is credited to have popularised this technique) and Liscio (the original technique followed in most of the salons. The distinguishing feature of this process which sets it apart from the other hair straightening procedures is that it gives a permanently straight hair.

This hair treatment may take up to 3 to 5 hours, depending upon the stylist. Also it does not come very cheap. The cost ranges from 300 to 1500 dollars and when the new hairs starts coming up after a few months, it may again need some treatment. It is a time intensive process and the cost may shoot up as the hair is straightened to its roots. But as the outcome of this splurge is a permanently straightened hair. That is why many women nowadays are readily shelling it out from their pockets to undergo this treatment.

This technique is generally not recommended by stylists to everyone. African people have quite sensitive hair and therefore will not be able to sustain the high temperatures to which it is exposed. Also, hairs which have been bleached or dyed recently are not recommended for hair straightening. If someone has a receding hairline or very thin hair, this technique is seriously discouraged.

Thus if you want to go for β€˜Japanese Hair Straightening’, make sure you have consulted an expert to gauge your hair’s suitability for this procedure and remember to go to an experienced stylist to get this procedure done!

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