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Jewfro hairstyle


One of the unique hairstyle which separates you from the rest is the Jewfro hairstyle. This name comes from the African hairstyle for the people who are Jewish by religion. This hair style is named so because it is mostly found in the African community. This hairstyle gives you a look which makes people look back at you. These hairstyles are not found in everyone. To have one of these you need to have a natural trait. That is without curls in your hair this kind of hairstyle is tough to get.

Jewfro hairstyle can be of different style but the base of it remains the same. The hair must have some curls in it, the hair must be kept shiny and lastly it should stick out of your face. This means the hair must give a halo like appearance to you face. The hairs must be around the face making your face larger than it actually is. For this the hairs need to be combed away from your scalp. The hairs need to be kept wet to have the shiny appearance.

The hairstyle can have large fringes or curls of different shapes. The main thing is that the bushy nature of the hair is highlighted. The hair in this looks very untidy but still brings out its shape. The hairs are sometimes moistened with sprays or creams to give it the glossy touch, but most people only like using water to make the curls shine. The hair does not have to be large curls, but it will work out if the hair has narrow curls or even a wavy appearance.

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