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Jheri curl hairstyle


The most famous hair style in the American African community is the Jheri curls hairstyle. This hair style is well considered as one of the most expensive hairstyle which does not need any professional help. This hair style is also called Jeri curl hairstyle or Jerry Curl Hairstyle.

This hairstyle gives the person a casual but still a glossy look. The necessary condition for this kind of hairstyle is that the hairs must be curly.Β  The people with this kind of hairstyle have a relaxing and calm look. There way of presenting themselves looks very casual but still attractive. The hair styling is a two step process; firstly a harsh chemical is necessary to loosen the curly hair and secondly a conditioning cream is required to give it a glossy finish.

The first thing is done so that the curly hair must get free and should hang rather than sticking to each other. That means the curl should remain and must not become straight. These chemicals are also very corrosive to hair. This means that using these chemicals can make your hair dry. Then a kind of solution or cream is applied to make these curls permanent. This solution is also very expensive. To have this kind of hairstyle is very unique, but to maintain this is very tiresome. The hairstyle needs to be nourished and to retain the gloss and the curls a cream must be applied everyday, which is costly. Finally person with this kind of hairstyle is always advised to sleep with their hair covered with plastic.

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